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CrashScan is a universal, mobile-app-based EDR (Event Data Recorder) solution, and is the only "vehicle black box" market option that offers affordable hardware, included user training, dedicated client centric data collection, customizable cloud data analysis, strategic alerting and reporting, and engineering tech support for users.   

Start Solving Claims with Science

Empowering insurers to retreive crash data for any collision


EDR Tool & App for Field Investigators

CS provides investigators the hardware kit and software required to extract all digital forensic data from supported vehicles.  The user must provide their own mobile device.


User Training & Support

CS will train, certify and expose the CrashScan Technician to the basic functions of the CrashScan system so that, at a minimum, the user can confidently image data from supported vehicles via the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD II) port.


Reporting, APIs & Engineering Support

CS can provide an EDR Report in real-time following the digital vehicle data acquisition and on receipt of all required information.

Better Data. Better Claim Outcomes. 

Collision Sciences Inc. (CSI) is a global technology and information provider that enables insurance carriers and corporations significant financial and operational benefits through scaled access and intelligent application of vehicle "black box" pre-crash data, biomechanical injury severity risk data, diagnostic repair data, and reconstructed motor incident data. 

✓  Improved Customer Outcomes

✓ Improved Liability Decisions & Subrogation Results

✓ Injury Mitigation (Low-velocity Impacts)

Example Cases: Staged Collisions, Contributory & Comparative Negligence (Ex. Speeding, Seatbelt Use, Avoidance Opportunity).

✓ Improved Claim Triage

✓ Improved Cycle Time and Dispute Resolution

✓ Better Resource Allocation 

Enhanced Segmentation. Use severity and pre-crash data for fraud intelligence, probable liability, actuarial studies,
underwriting, and more.

Professional EDR Scan Tool & PDF Accident Reports

Performing collision investigations?  
You need our CrashScan® app and an EDR Kit, period.